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    Be Light, Be Sound wants to encourage a growing community of healthy, stress-free people who actively pursue the best in themselves and encourage the best in others.

    Our classes are created to support your response, reactions to and understanding of the crystal Singing Bowls.

    The Bowls are master mood levellers and stress relievers. They balance your emotions and calm your mind. With a calm mind, you are ready to make clear-eyed decisions. You can move through any crises and lead others with ease.

    If you have attended a Be Light, Be Sound performance, your journey of self-discovery has already begun. By taking one of our classes, you are embarking on your next step along the energy highway.

Reiki  master Melinda Leal is a healer, sound therapist and energy consultant. She has worked with various forms of energy management: Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Tai Chi, Loh Kup, Qi Gong, meditation, chanting and toning.

Classes to help balance your life

Home / Performances / ClassesMy Bowl  / Contact  /  About  /  My Energy

Questions, please contact Melinda M. Leal at 403-284-9890, or e-mail:

7 Bowls, 7 Powers

A new class concept to stimulate our thoughts and feelings.

We will be working with bowls of extraordinary beauty and power:  7 bowls of advanced alchemy.  Each of these bowls has a particular gift to share with us. For example: lifting the unconscious into consciousness; feeling the frequency of compassion; stimulating awareness of the 3rd Eye; awakening Merkaba energy; guiding trans-temporal, multi-dimensional travel. 

Each class will explore the theme and energy of one exceptional bowl — a muse to inspire us.  Our lively discussions, shared experience and meditation journeys will explore the depths of each of these alchemic instruments in turn.  Allowing us the pleasure — the privilege — of immersing ourselves in one extraordinary energy event per evening.  

A great learning and sharing experience. To be held at Melinda's home.

Please bring a mat and blanket for your comfort, and a meditation bandana or scarf to cover your eyes.

Instructor:     Melinda Leal, sound therapist, energy healer and guide

Course:         7 Bowls, 7 Powers

Classes:        Seven

Fee:               $170.00, GST included

Schedule:     TBA.

With the guidance of alchemic crystal quartz singing bowls, students will explore all the energy centres, moving upward through the body chakras and outward through layers of the auric field. 

The auric field contains all of your life experience.

These classes will help you recover, examine, reassemble and lift your conscious awareness to a higher plane. Each class will bring forward a new and different set of alchemic crystal bowls to guide you on your evolving journey.

You will be healing body and mind through crystal sound meditation.

A workshop series of six classes facilitated by Melinda Leal, sound therapist, healer and energy consultant.

TIME:     Sundays from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

DATES:  Sept. 20;  Oct. 4;  Oct.18;  Nov.1;  Nov.15 and Nov. 29.

FEE:       $185.00, GST included.  Click here to register 

Ascending to Unity

 We are built to ascend. To assimilate every experience. To rise in consciousness. 

The principles of ascension inform the very design of our bodies, minds and spirits.

We will be exploring ascension –– through the mysteries of Merkaba physics.  Through the holographic nature of the brain/mind.  Through the Divine imperative and pull of Unity consciousness. 

Be ready for lively discussions about your mind, your body and your consciousness.  

As always, specially selected crystal singing bowls will lead us through meditation journeys that support our metaphysical inquiries.

A workshop series of six classes to be held at Melinda’s home, on alternate Tuesday evenings, from 6:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

DATES:   Sept. 29; Oct.13 and 27; Nov.10, Nov. 24 and Dec, 8 .

FEE:        $165.00, GST included.

Please register at

Crystal Healing Sounds

Journey to the 3rd Eye

The 3rd Eye is a gift waiting to be opened. It is filled with wonders. And many hidden layers.

Our journey begins by mapping and crossing the inner energy bridge that leads to the mysteries of the 3rd Eye. The Eye’s many facets will unfold in a series of fascinating experiences. We have the lower Eye that looks inward and the upper Eye that looks outward. The front intuitive Eye that sees beyond and the back psychic Eye that interprets and responds to all that is seen. Then we have the progressive Eye that leads the way to opening the Crown.

Students will explore the wonders of the 3rd Eye using vibration toning, meditation journeying, creative visualization, dreaming, and the advance alchemy of specially chosen quartz crystal “seeing”  bowls.

A workshop in six classes, conducted by energy guide Melinda Leal.

Location:   Bodhi Tree.

Sundays:  1:30 to 4 p.m.

Fee:           $195.00, GST included

Schedule:   TBA.    

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