Be Light, Be Sound

            . . . creating the crystal bowl experience


We offer performances with the crystal quartz singing bowls,  classes,

private sessions and consultations for selecting your own bowl.

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    A friend may have told you. Or you were just curious.  Crystal  quartz? Singing bowls — what is that? We are Be Light, Be Sound. And we are all about crystal quartz singing bowls. We perform with them. We introduce and talk about them, try to explain the metaphysics and the magic.
    And sometimes, we just stand in awe of them.
    When you first encounter Be Light, Be Sound and our singing orchestra — the first time you see  these  crystal  bowls  — you will feel it. Instantly.
    They have a presence. You are with something quite amazing.
    And you are aware of their influence.
    You feel calm. As though you have stepped into a space separate from this world.
    The  air they breath is fresh. Energized. They are actively drawing your attention, focusing, centering you. And they are actively creating a stillness that seems to feather up your spine.
   When finally — it will never be too soon — you do hear them open up and sing, you will be convinced they sing just for you.
   Invariably, there will be one note, one bowl that moves you — to your very core.
   This bowl knows me, you will be thinking. Somehow, it has reached deep inside me and plucked a vital chord, like a bow to a violin. Like  magic.

   And from this connection flows the passage of shifts  that follow calm, centering and stillness.

— balancing  of your emotions
— clarity of mind
— knowing
— ability to make decisions
— ability to move through situations

    How do they do it?

    You may want to believe it is magic. We conduct classes explaining the bowls and your energy centres.

    The science and metaphysics of the bowls are unpacked, examined, tested. You get to touch them, be with them, experience them first hand.
   You may find yourself attending a Be Light, Be Sound performance, a class, a private session, or even a bowl consultation to get closer to the experience. To make it your own.
   However you choose to let the bowls into your life, your life will forever be altered.


   Because now you know.
   That dream you have been dreaming. You can make it real.
   Welcome to the world of crystal quartz singing bowls. The world of possibilities.
   Welcome to Be Light, Be Sound.

Listen to the ‘Angels’ sing