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The 12-inch Gold Bowl is a G tone and a master healer.

A bowl of my own

    And you think marriage is a big step!
    To choose and work with a crystal quartz Singing Bowl is to enter a three-fold relationship.
    Confidant: Give the Bowl your clear intention and it will show the path to realization.
    The more you confide, the deeper the Bowl enters your consciousness to become a natural extension of your best hopes — for yourself and for others.
  Teacher: Beginning with your physical body, the Bowl reveals your energy centres, which centres you should be working on and in what sequence.
    As you master your physical body, the Bowl will lead you outward through your energy field into the surrounding ocean of consciousness. In this vast ocean of possibility, you will need a pilot. 
    Guide: The Bowl is a precision energy instrument, tuned to divine harmony. Being an instrument of perfection, the bowl will help you “see” the one you can become and the road you will travel to reach this higher self.
    Each Bowl is a master of energy. Responding to what you need, right now. Effortlessly. Perfectly.

Selecting your bowl

    Choosing the right Bowl can be bewildering. 
n What tone or frequency should you choose?

n Should the Bowl be a frosted classic (traditional) or an alchemic (new generation)?
n If alchemic, which element or blend has the features you need?

Bowl consultation

   Is there a crystal Bowl waiting to sing your energy song?
    Be Light, Be Sound offers Singing Bowl consultations.
    We will use the crystal quartz Stone Carillon (the “Brain Bowl”) to profile the nature of your Singing Bowl. You will also be working with Melinda Leal, healer, sound therapist and empath. Matching people to Singing Bowls is her joy.
    Together, Melinda and the Carillon will help you sense and select the crystal Bowl that may already be singing to you in your dreams.

Consultation fee: $50.00 for a one-hour session

Is there a crystal Singing Bowl in your future?  Through consultation we can guide you to the Bowl that was born to sing your energy song.  

Contact us by e-mailing: 

Rose Quartz 12” E  provides the perfect energy to help heal emotional trauma

Aqua Gold 6” A#  helps to balance the overly analytical mind

Mother of Platinum 12” B tone
is a radiant pillar of strength

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