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Magic or science?

By Melinda M. Leal

The magic of crystal quartz bowls:

“Before I was tired; after I was relaxed, refreshed, peaceful.”

“That night I had the best sleep in a longtime.”

“The vibrational sound puts me in deep meditation.”

    Is this magic?  Or science?

    We are energy beings.

    The basic units of energy are light and sound.

    Energy — light and sound — moves in waves.

    Crystal quartz bowls are the masters of wave form.

    They are precision energy instruments.

    A conventional musical instrument, when struck, creates a one dimensional sound that moves outward in a straight line.

    The crystal quartz bowl bends that sound wave, creating a circular form that spirals up the walls of the bowl, spirals up our spine and then surrounds us, spiralling outward through space.

    Each bowl is capable of playing 2, 3 even 4 octaves. The sound wave spirals through these octave points, playing all subharmonics in between.

    What you hear is harmony, the harmony of multiple notes.

We Are All Instruments

    We respond to these bowls because we, too, are built like instruments.

    We have energy centres, chakras, that move up the core of our bodies, following the path of the spine.

    The span of these energy centres is like the keyboard of a piano.

    For example:

    At the bottom of the instrument:

    the Root chakra:

light is moving at its slowest, densest frequency 

the colour is red, the dimension 1, the note C

midway up the instrument: the Heart chakra

 light is moving slightly faster

— the colour is green, the dimension 4, the note F

top of the instrument: the Crown chakra

light is travelling at a much faster frequency

the colour is violet, the dimension 7,  the note B

(See chakra diagram at right.)

    We have an embodied octave:

 C to High C.

    Each of us, an instrument, and these bowls play us like violins.

Spiralling Sound

   Spiralling sound waves seek out our keyboard and, one by one, play our different notes. Note by note, the sound waves move through our whole energetic structure.

    When the waves encounter blockages, sound vibrations begin the process of aligning and entraining — that is, making something vibrate at the same frequency.

    In short, we are being TUNED. These sentient vibrations are massaging our blockages:  loosening, relaxing, releasing.

    After release, the sound waves move on to the next note, the next energy centre, the next blockage.

    And so onward. The waves spiral their way up the body, following the pathway of the spine, to ultimately roll around in the skull, rolling through the brain, rolling through the mind.

Beyond Duality

    Have you seen a picture of the brain, from above?

The brain looks like a country divided against itself. Divided into two hemispheres, with a veritable canyon that goes down the centre, called the CORPUS CALLOSUM.

    This canyon is a sort of Berlin Wall that necessarily builds in the duality of human nature. Splits us into the spatial/analytical, back and forth, yin yang, Jekyll and Hyde beings that we are.

    The bowls simply do not recognize this separation.  Their sound waves roll right through the Berlin Wall to reunite the country, bringing together EAST and WEST, RIGHT and LEFT.

    The sound waves continue to circle and spiral, round and round, reintegrating the two hemispheres. And we experience a shift from linear thought expression to global perception.

    Instead of isolated clusters of neural activity, here and there, the whole brain lights up.

    The mind goes global.

Unity of Consciousness

    We are experiencing UNITY OF CONSCIOUSNESS.

    This is why we hear people say things like:

“I got to a place where I had no sense of time.”

“The sound seemed to roll around in my head, which itself seemed to become a bowl.”

“I couldn’t tell whether the sound was in me or I was in the sound.”

    The bowls move us beyond separateness, to oneness, integration, wholeness of mind. In this free state, our limiting sense of time, space and separation from the universe, simply falls away.

Is It Like Meditation?

    People have asked: is this crystal quartz experience like meditation?


    The brain waves synchronize with the spiralling sound waves — following, focusing, slowing, calming, settling.

    In its awake, busy state, the brain functions at Beta level:  20 cps (cycles per second).

    Listening to the crystal quartz bowls, the brain down-shifts from Beta to Theta, from 20 cps to 6, 5, 4 cps.

    The mind sinks into the subconscious, enters a dream-like state, and we experience the crystal sound as in a dream. We feel the release of emotions, fears, desires, memories.

    The consciousness is being given the opportunity to process, to integrate and understand what it has experienced.

    Meanwhile, as in deep sleep, the whole body is relaxing.

    The breathing slows, the heart rate slows, the blood pressure drops.

    All physiological phenomena experienced by advanced meditators.

    With one main difference: most meditators are on their own.

    We have the crystal quartz singing bowls.

    The bowls act as guides to conduct us through the levels of frequency, the bands of energy, the layers of consciousness.


How energy work affects your body

By Melinda M. Leal

    The odyssey you are embarking on — experiencing the power of  the crystal-quartz Singing Bowls — is quite amazing.

    The benefits you will realize are literally infinite.
    But as with any extraordinary endeavour, there is work involved. A big part of this work is allowing you and your body to move through changes.
    These changes occur — sometimes dramatically — because the body is simply not accustomed to the higher frequencies of the crystal quartz Singing Bowls.
    The body is designed — through its system of energy centres, the chakras — to be an integrated, connected part of the surrounding bio-energetic field.  Through chakra sequencing the body opens to continuous adjustment — aligning, attuning, entraining with the surrounding frequency field — and this fine tuning, theoretically, results in perfect health, perfect balance.
    The reality is we have fallen away, become disjoined from our bio-energetic field.

The double helix

    We need to reconnect. That process is like flipping on a series of switches, reopening a sequence of breakers, that have been closed to shut down our systems.
    The body has to reconnect with this vast power source, band by band, switch by switch. And there can be jolts.
    We can experience dizziness, light-headedness, nausea, hot and cold flashes. We might even feel faint, woozy.
    What is happening?  
    High energy enters us clockwise.  Corporeal energy, the body’s energy, releases or evolves counterclockwise.
    This downward-upward streaming of energy creates a double spiral — the double helix —  replicating the form of our DNA.

    The two-way stream generates  a scalar column of energy around us — and within us. And that can create churn.
    High frequencies enter the body via the chakras, the crown. This energy moves through the conduit of the spine and outward through the neural network, to be dispersed throughout the body.

  If there is a blockage or series of blockages anywhere, the energy pools in areas the ancients called "the bladder organs and spaces".
    The largest bladder organ is the stomach. The largest bladder space is the solar plexus. Here the energy churns. We feel sick, nauseous. We may even get cramps.
   Here’s what to do:
   Higher frequencies can be levelled with food. Sugar — a candy, a bit of chocolate — will bring them down immediately. As will protein: natural nuts or peanut butter on a biscuit.

    If light headedness persists, there’s too much energy pooling in the head. You want to draw this energy down through the body and out the feet.  

        Two methods:
    A pan or bucket of water with baking soda. Sit or stand with your feet in the water. Down go the frequencies.
    Or lie down, with hands on either hip. Intend the energy to travel down your body to your hands, your hips, then pass it out through the legs, the feet. You’ll know it’s done when you get a sense of enlargement, expansion in the lower part of your body.

Water boosts energy flow

   Regarding energy cramps. You’ll know what this feels like: a gathering, or bunching of tissue that feels hard.
    To release it, we use an old qi gong exercise. Using your fist, flat on the area, do circles, clockwise 36 times. You’re gathering up the higher frequencies that cannot disperse, literally winding them up tight.
    Then the same flat fist, doing circles counterclockwise, 24 times. Now you're releasing the gathered energy and distributing it throughout the subharmonic structure of the lower chakras.
    A note about water.
    We give you water to combat dehydration.
    Water is an accelerant — it increases flow. If you’re having high energy symptoms, water will accentuate them.
    You want to eat, not drink. Sugar, protein.
    Once the short term energy symptoms have passed, drinking water is excellent — therapeutic, in fact.  Because it greatly assists the release of blockages, toxins and chemical discharges from the cellular level of the body.

Ask us for help

    You will learn to recognize these energy symptoms because of the speed with which they pass. The symptoms move through like a freight train. Then they’re gone. Because the body has either absorbed the energy or passed it back out into the larger surrounding field.
    If any of these symptoms appear, it will be either immediately or within hours of being exposed to a high frequency source — the bowls.
    You may want to car pool, so that if one of you feels light-headed, the other can drive home.
    The bon-bon we give you — pop it in your mouth. The frequencies will start to level immediately.
    If you’re experiencing any discomfort during or after a performance, let us know.  We can help. We have ways of disrupting the energy, breaking it up, or brushing it down and out of the body.
    Above all, don’t hesitate to ask us questions.

The following articles help explain the crystal quartz experience and changes that occur in your body from energy work, and how you can deal with the higher energy you experience from the bowls

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