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with the Bowls

We are delighted to do special performances. If your company or group would like to experience an evening with the Singing Bowls, we ask that you co-ordinate the event with us to ensure the setting and acoustics are appropriate for our Singing Bowls and our listeners. We require a minimum attendance for special performances. For rates, please contact us at: or phone Melinda Leal
at 403-284-9890.

Special performances
by request

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Come and join us for an experience with the crystal
quartz singing bowls

We are continuing our new approach to crystal quartz sound. At each evening Experience, you will be presented with a different combination of crystal singing bowls and instruments, making every event a new soundscape.
Crystal quartz sound enhances your healing intention and meditation, expanding your senses and your perceptions. From these events, you will come away with the ability to see more of your world and be more within it.
We hope to share and explore this unique, expansive experience with you.

Information about the fall and winter performances will be posted in September.

You will see colours unlike anything in this world; hear sounds that move you to your very core.

The experience is liberating, profound and unforgettable.

Crystal-quartz Singing Bowls.

They sing to the best in us, leading us through our emotional, mental, spiritual landscape on a transcendent journey to self awareness.

Listening to the bowls is like a singing meditation that relaxes the body, calms the mind, and frees the spirit.It is never too late to begin the quest for self discovery. It is never too early.

These bowls help you search for the person you want to be.

Begin the journey. Come, listen and be moved.

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