Be Light, Be Sound

            . . . creating the crystal bowl experience


Private sessions
and consultations

Melinda Leal is an energy healer, sound therapist and life counsellor. She believes you can be responsible for your own health and well-being.

You simply need the right energy tools.

These tools can be any combination of meditation, breath work, mudras (hand positions), mantras (primal sounds), yoga asanas (body positions), the vibrational power of your own voice (toning)
or the power of high frequency quartz crystal sound (singing bowls, tuning forks and tonal pyramids).

People who work with Melinda may do so for their state of health
or state of mind. They come to recognize our universal connection to larger consciousness. From this connection comes the strength and vision to change one’s life.



1.5 hour session:                                                                          $120.00

Bring Your Life into Balance               

"The heart and soul are always searching."

Do you find yourself seeking passion in your life and wondering where on earth to find it?  Do you wonder why you react so strongly to certain triggers or get carried away by waves of feeling?  Are you looking for clarity and balance, for a light and happy life?

You can learn to be the observer of your life, to be someone who sees the wave coming.  Our discussions will help you take the longer view, help you recognize the choices you make and the spontaneous adjustments you can create to achieve balance in the moment.  You will learn to identify larger frames of reference that keep expanding your awareness and helping you see your way clearly.

You will find yourself coming into focus.


Private sessions:

2 hour session:                                                                        $160.00

Experience Your Energy Pathway       

We will begin with a consultation.  Then you will rest in natural light, surrounded by the powerful, energy pathway of alchemic quartz crystal bowls, which have been carefully selected for their colour, tonal, mineral and precious metal qualities.

All of your chakras will be energized, sequenced, tuned and aligned with the tonal guidance of these crystal singing bowls.  This experience promotes energy flow and the opening of intuitive mind.


3 hour session:                                                                        $240.00

Tuning Your Energy Flow 


We will begin with a consultation.  Then you will experience the vibrations of quartz crystal tuning forks and tonal pyramids.  These vibrational waves create sequential clearing and release of blockages within the body, using the body’s own meridians and energy centres.  This experience releases emotional stress and trauma, and can help prevent illness shifting down to the body from our surrounding energy field.

During the second part of the session, you will rest in natural light, surrounded by the ascending energy pathway of alchemic quartz crystal bowls.  For opening, tuning and aligning all of the chakras.


4 hour session:                                                                        $350.00

Full Body/Energy Field Analysis & Alignment                                                                                                                                

We will begin with a discussion of any particular concerns you may have:  physical, emotional, psychological or energetic.

Then we will move to a comfortable room where our energy work is completely supported by a host of alchemic quartz crystal bowls. This hands-on session will move back and forth between your body and your surrounding energy field.  This work will reveal energy flow, the location of energy blockages or overloaded centres (excessive stored energy).  If there are higher energy guides available to you, they will be identified as will your present position along the energy pathway of body, mind and larger consciousness.

The session will end with a full-body, energy analysis and debriefing. Plus a recommendation of particular energy tools for you to work with over the short term.

For regular private session clients, there is also the possibility of participating in our Harmony Bowl Program.  This program enables you to take home, play and live with a selected quartz crystal singing bowl for a monthly fee.


During these sessions you will find yourself in the timeless corridor of high frequency energy work, where hours seem to fly by like minutes.

Welcome to the path of self discovery and understanding.

Energy master Melinda Leal has worked for more than 20 years with various forms of energy flow: Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Tai Chi, Loh Kup, Qi Gong, meditation, chanting and toning.

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