WELCOME TO Be Light, Be Sound

. . . creating the crystal bowl experience




We are
Be Light, Be Sound

Our mission is to bring people and crystal quartz Singing Bowls together.



“Stops mind chatter”


We offer performances, classes and consultations, all designed to help you focus your energy, calm your mind and balance your life.

Contact us at: belightbesound@shaw.ca

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Private sessions
and consultation

Melinda Leal is an energy healer, sound therapist and life counsellor. She believes you can be responsible for your own health and well-being.  You simply need the right energy tools. 
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Listen to the angels sing

A friend may have told you. Or you were just curious.  Crystal  quartz? Singing bowls — what is that? We are Be Light, Be Sound. And we are all about crystal quartz Singing Bowls.

We perform with them. We introduce and talk about them, try to explain the metaphysics and the magic.

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Miracles happen

— one by one

   Be Light, Be Sound will be offering classes and workshops this fall and winter, designed
            to help you explore and understand consciousness.

            The new 2016/2017 schedule for performances and classes will be available this fall.